Rotary Club of Sedona 

Join Us Tuesday

If you are a visiting Rotarian,  make up at our club on Tuesday noon at:
Barking Frog Grille
2620 West State Route 89A, Sedona.
We have a great group and have interesting fun-filled programs. Bring a banner if you have one. If not, you may become part of the fun!

October Meetings

October 7: Verde Valley Care Givers - Kent Ellsworth
October 14: Club Assembly
October 21: Verde Valley Medical Center update - Barbara Dember
October 28: Chorus - Presented by Jennette Bill
The Rotary Club of Sedona's Mission is to enhance community through service, teamwork and friendship.

Contact Sedona Rotary

Phone: 928-284-2704
P. O. Box 2170
Sedona AZ 86339
Email: Club Secretary

Home Page News

Once again you can buy a chance, actually two chances, to win a pair of Gold Passes  for the Sedona Film Festival! One $20 ticket is entered into two drawings, each for one pair of passes (a $990 value).
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Monday afternoon found volunteers from the club slicing, dicing, boiling and mixing to prepare a meal for about 85 hungry people at St. Andrew's.
Cookin' Potatoes from left: Chuck Marr, Miki Dzugan, Catherine Moore and Michelle BehrPrep workers from left: Chuck Marr, Miki Dzugan, Catherine Moore and Michelle Behr. (Photo by Renata Barnwell)
Later more Rotarians came to serve up a meal of burgers, potato salad and mixed green salad.
(Photo by Julia Pedler)
Servers included visitors from Canberra Australia, Julia and Micheal Pedler. Several Rotary Spice (plural of spouses) joined in the prep, serving and cleaning up. One of our newer members, Michelle, stepped up to organize the dinner even though she had never worked on one before. After getting volunteers, shopping for groceries and five hours of work and coordination at the event, she expressed nothing but elation at having participated in feeding all those hungry people.
The club provides four St. Andrew's Dinners per year.

To make a tax exempt donation to the Rotary Club of Sedona's Imagination Library Project:
Make your check out to
The Rotary Club of Sedona Endowment Fund
P. O. Box 2170
Sedona, Arizona 86339